bytek mps

All in 1 Touch Screen

User friendly, 4K Display.

All – in – One Touch Screen

This all in one touch screen is designed specifically for Education. The display screen, computer and touch device are highly integrated into one unit in order to achieve clear, interesting teaching and learning. With IO points of touch and gesture recognition, the user can present and annotate by finger or stylus and erase the writing contents by fist or hand.

Screen Features

  1.  User Friendly Design
  2. 4K Display
  3. Shortcuts to user tools
  4. Wireless Interactivity
  5. Erase by fist or hand
  6. USB & HDMI Ports
  7. Dual System – Windows & Android
  8. Built in Speakers
  9. Energy Saving
  10. Download Apps for Google Play Store


Bytek MPS

Unit 34A Rosemount Park Drive,
Rosemount Business Park,
Dublin 11

Tel: 01-6931082

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