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Printing At The Right Price

Let printing be a benefit to your business not a cost burden. At Bytek MPS we have developed a managed solution that will benefit your business 

Our Approach

We at Bytek MPS Ltd take a considered approach to the way that we deliver our service to our customers. Where as we put the printed document at the forefront of our business plans, one size most definitely does not fit all.

With each customer we take a bespoke approach looking at what the needs of each customer and tailoring a solution to those needs. To this end we offer some solutions that give each customer exactly what they require from our service:

Cost per Page

Cost per Site

Fixed billing for schools


Cost per page

This is by far the most popular version of Managed Print Services and the easiest model for potential customers to relate to. It gives the customer a simple vision of the costs and the equipment that will best suit their needs. In the market you will find that the delivery of managed print service is rigid. Most companies operate to either a ‘Use it or loose it’ (if you don’t reach the agreed number of pages each month then you loose them) or a Billing each month for excess pages over and above the agreed numbers in the contract. Our approach is to look at this over a 12 month period. We send you a report each month giving you a year to either reduce the excess or to pay for a more realistic number of pages each month.

Cost per Site

When a customer has multiple sites through out the area or nationwide we offer a fixed  monthly price for each location. Together with the customer we select a standardised machine that give similar features on each site and we agree on a monthly allowance for colour and or mono pages.

Some sites will print more than others so we look at the overall print usage and we aggregate these over a full year. This takes into account the varying usage on each site and the seasonality of print in general. This approach is ideal for the hospitality sector and the retail sector.

Fixed billing for schools:

Schools operate for on average 9 months per year. Most printing and copying takes place between end of August and November (approximately 40% of annual usage). In most contracts given to schools the photocopiers are leased over 12 months and the printers are purchased as and when required.

The service costs are billed either on a monthly basis or quarterly. The cost of purchasing toners for printers typically come in the first weeks of September each year. This means that in the first term of every year schools are hit with the majority of their costs for the full year.

Our approach is very different, we supply all the equipment to the school, multifunction photocopiers, personal printers, departmental MFP’s we include all supplies for all machines and we break down the annual costs either monthly or quarterly and fix it for 5 years. Simple ! And because we apply the mantra of bulk buying and standardisation, we can achieve over all savings of in excess of 50% on what the school spent last year.


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