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Technology in MPS

Technology in Managed Print services is changing and developing every month. The industry has benefited from some major developments in both Laser printing and the resurgence of ink jet technology. One thing is for sure that the devices we put into the field have improved in both productivity and security since we opened our doors 9 years ago. But these improvements have not been led by any one manufacturer but by all manufacturers in small but significant ways. As principals in the company our greatest challenge is to find ways of harnessing these strengths and blending technologies with software to keep ahead of these developments to ensure that our customers and always ahead of the curve.

Over the past number of years we have worked closely with third party software suppliers to give our customers the benefit of these advantages and we are very pleased to be partners with the following software solutions:

Technology Programs

Print Audit™ is a Canadian software supplier who have gained worldwide attention with their remote management product. It allows us to monitor our customers usage. We can see how many pages you print / copy / fax / scan, we see all colour and mono pages, we can see all machines in an office, location, nationwide spread of machines and one-off machines in remote locations. The software compiles reports that we send out monthly to our customers. The software sees all consumables in every machine and sends us alerts on levels when the consumables need to be replenished. 

Guess Page is a French product that combines print security with controls. We use this product to enable customers to manage their print. Guess Page is excellent in environments where the need to ensure that security of data and control of who prints and what they print is a priority. The software allows the customer to determine who has access to colour or mono printing, it allows the customer to determine how much colour an individual or department has, it sets rules as to which devices can be accessed by individuals. The greatest benefit to this software is the licensing is based on the output device and not the use


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