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School: St. Marys Boys National School,

Principal: Peter Coakley

“Because the Bytek MPS offer is a fixed price, we can print without having to worry about the costs. Prior to signing up, we did a pricing exercise, across a range of options, based on a cost per page – and we will save money each year. It’s great peace of mind that I know my costs, I can budget for them, I don’t have the hassle of breakdowns, replacements or repairs and the cost associated with those,”

Why We Switched to Bytek

Bytek have the experince and professional team to delivery what we needed. I now know what my printing costs are and I can budget for them. 

Instant Results

We will save money each year.

For Pat Conaghan, Principal of Acres N.S. in Burtonport, getting reliable technical support for his school’s technology equipment can be a challenge. It’s not always possible to have replacement parts delivered to northwest Donegal, 45 minutes’ drive beyond Letterkenny, in a timely fashion. “Everything we do is based around laptops and whiteboards, but it can be such a hassle when machines break down and you’re based in rural Ireland,” he says.

Pat Conaghan

Principal , Acres N.S. in Burtonport,

There’s more colour than ever throughout the infant school, creating a vibrant atmosphere for children to learn and play. Based in Finglas, Dublin 11, the school caters to girls and boys between the ages of 3 and 7, from early start up to first class.

There are around 200 pupils in the school, with a pupil-to-teacher ratio of 20:1 in every class. St Brigid’s has 19 teaching staff, including mainstream and support teachers. St Brigid’s signed the deal and now, instead of paying on a usage basis, it has fixed billing for the next three years, covering all of its costs including replacement ink cartridges and service calls.

Being able to predict its costs ahead of time is critical for St Brigid’s: it’s one less thing for the school to worry about.

Principal, St Brigid’s Primary School

“I would definitely recommend Bytek MPS, they’re very proactive and prompt in sorting issues for our branch and head office. They automatically pick up when ink levels are low and replace the cartridge before it runs out,” he says.

“Even the deployment and replacing the old equipment with the new was seamless, and the Epsonprinters are pretty much maintenance-free,” he adds.

Dariusz Tokarski

IT Manager, DID Electrical

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