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We have created a service and support model which ensures maximum up time of our customers.

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Our Model

Getting it right, the first time, involves planning. It requires an understanding of the customers network and their expectations. Before our technical staff install a machine or deliver a solution they first need to see what your network is like and assess the network capabilities. Mostly this involves communications with your IT manager or service provider, but it is worth the time because as I said ‘getting it right, the first time’ is the key to success.

From time to time even the most reliable equipment needs a service call. We operate on a triage basis. All calls are sent via our dedicated email service. When the engineer calls you back we are able to resolve 86% of all calls either by phone or via Team Viewer directly in your system. This approach ensures maximum up time of our customers. When we need to visit site the triage approach ensures that the engineer has all of the correct parts to reduce the need for ‘Return to fit’ second calls.

Our Experience

All of our engineering staff have been Manufacturer trained and are also skilled in networks and software applications. The Service Department is headed up by Daragh Hand a 30 year veteran of the copier industry. Daragh and his team are constantly being challenged by new technologies that impact on our customers such as a move from Microsoft to Google books in some education establishments. This proved a challenge but has resulted in the team being ready for more and more schools adopting this new technology. These challenges keep us ahead on a constant learning curve.

The best way to ensure that the equipment is used properly is training. We ensure that the installation of equipment is immediately followed up with training of the users. Proper indept training and follow up training ensures smooth running of the equipment.


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